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NuSWAG is a His Will Records Brand designed by NuDILIGENCE, dedicated to advancing the Gospel of Jesus Christ and the Kingdom of God to the ends of the earth.

Black Cross


Of the LORD Yeshua aka Jesus The Christ!

By the Grace of God!

To The Most High God, Jehovah the Father!

By the Holy Spirit!

Mission & Vision

NuSWAG exists to Make a Worldwide Life-changing Impact through Spreading the Gospel of Jesus Christ utilizing Kingdom Lifestyle, Influence and Fashion!

Foundational Scripture

Romans 6:4

Therefore we are buried with him by baptism into death: that like as Christ was raised up from the dead by the glory of the Father, even so we also should walk in newness of life.

~ The words “Newness of Life” in the scripture is what we mean when we say NuSWAG ~
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NuSWAG is for those who are unashamed to testify of who God is and where He's brought them from. Worn by those who's Lifestyle is dedicated to and being transformed by the King of Kings & Lord of Lords.

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About Our Products

About our Products.

All of our products are intricately hand printed with love in the United States. We pray over all of our products for the sake of those who support our brand and those who will be impacted through it for the glory of God. We promote much more than a product but a worldwide Kingdom purpose that we as Believers have been ordained to pursue. #TheGreatCommission


Our products are derivatives of the Holy Spirit meant to positively impact and influence this generation for the Glory of God. People need love, truth, hope, and encouragement and we're passionate about promoting all the above through, Kingdom lifestyle, influence and fashion. 

Turn Around Time

Due to our intricate in-house production process, limited staff and high demand, we ask that you please allow 1-4 Weeks for your purchase to be shipped. International orders may take an additional 2-4 weeks to arrive.

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Spreading the Gospel of Jesus Christ worldwide utilizing Kingdom Lifestyle, Kingdom Influence & Kingdom Fashion!